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Relocation Tips From Africans Who Moved Abroad

It is normal to be filled with a mix of emotions when the talk of relocation comes up. For even the most capable of people, navigating inter-state movement can be a mix of excitement and difficulty , how much more so when the journey is from Africa to foreign destinations. Embarking on that journey is filled with opportunities but there are challenges. That is why we have collected invaluable pieces of advice and tips from men and women who have relocated and are happy to present you with six tips to help your relocation be less of a burden and more of a thing to look forward to.

1. Research and Prepare Adequately.

The importance of thorough research and proper preparation cannot be overemphasized. Most people who relocated from Africa have indicated that they wished they spent more time reading about the culture, people, education, and general well-being of the city they were headed. Understanding these things ahead of time can prove invaluable so that you are not caught off-guard with surprises and your learning curve with your new environment is not as steep as it would have been. Plan before time for housing options, healthcare systems, cost of living etc.

Speaking to Maryam, she said, “I knew I couldn’t be over prepared. I took my time and when I arrived, I settled in nicely”.

Additionally, ask yourself if that environment suits you. You don’t want to relocate to a noisy neighborhood when you don’t fit in well with that environment. Be sure to check what that area you are relocating to has to offer and if those things are aligned with your interests.

2. Discover Hobbies and Create Comfort.

People who relocate to new places entirely, could be bored, especially at the beginning. You’re away from familiar faces and don’t really know anyone, so it can get a bit lonely at first. “I knew I had to find something I love and find a way of making it work” Elvis said when we asked him how he coped with boredom after relocation. Relocating abroad means you probably have no social network at the time and so discovering new habits and creating comfort in them is a good way to get you going.It could be trying new cooking recipes, learning an instrument, teaching an online classroom or something worth the while that keeps you busy while you become familiar with your environment. This also keeps you busy and helps you stay away from otherwise unproductive matters.

3. Learn The Local Language and Embrace Culture.

Nothing is more cultural to a people than their way of communication. Therefore, if you’re going to blend in properly with people, learning their language is the fastest way to get acclimatized. Sign up for classes, watch tutorial videos online that teach the language of the people you. Learning a language can take quite some time but being able to communicate with the locals on basic things will inevitably make you feel more connected with them in the long run.Cultural differences are also things to look out for when relocating abroad but approaching them with an open mind and a willingness to learn can lead to rich experiences. Take the time to understand and respect the local customs, traditions, and social norms. Engage with people, participate in cultural events, and immerse yourself in the community to foster meaningful connections.

4. Your Finances are Super Important.

 Developing a healthy financial lifestyle is crucial to living abroad. You’ll have to accommodate a lot of changes that involve key financial decisions. Creating a good financial budget that accounts for expenses, taxes, healthcare, and any lifestyle cost will help you navigate a new terrain to avoid unnecessary financial burden.

You can send funds from Africa to over 40 countries worldwide (link list) and so when you decide to relocate, swapping your local currency for your destination’s currency will be very helpful in setting you up for the immediate and unforecastable future.

Maryam told us that Relocating to Canada (link Canada article) was difficult for her at first because she couldn’t get Canadian Dollars (CAD) to use. Kaoshi Network ensures that you are also able to send money abroad just in case you have a way to get it there ahead of time. (link how to post an offer on Kaoshi article). A very helpful piece of advice.

5. Locate People with Common Interest and Network.

Connect with your interests. If there is something you are passionate about, find a community with similar interests and join them. Maybe you like to read; find a book club or maybe you love animals; find an animal shelter and volunteer. In doing this, you will be exposed to people who share common interests and can help you settle faster. You could even meet people just like yourself that just relocated, that way you don’t feel alone, and they understand exactly what it is like to be a newcomer to a location. Things like picnics, get togethers, meetups, and fun times could be organized just to freshen relationships.
Connect with fellow Africans on both online and offline groups. This would ease any tension you have of settling in a new environment. “I knew I loved to paint so I made sure I joined an art club around my house. It helped me connect with them and I made friends fast” Sarah said when we asked her for her top tip on relocating abroad.

6. Never Forget Home.

“One thing I always made sure to do was stay connected to home and everyone I left back at home. It’s easy to forget” Rachel said. It is easy to forget home and your roots especially when you have settled over a long time in whichever country you have chosen to relocate to. It is important and necessary to keep in touch with home and everyone back at home. Celebrate cultural holidays, and with the wealth of African food stores and houses, you can also cook traditional dishes. Keeping ties to your homeland can provide a sense of belonging and identity amidst the changes of relocation.

We are happy to have brought you through these six helpful tips through the eyes of others who have gone before. There is a lot of joy that comes with a new adventure and journey but at the same time, we need to make sure that you know the things to do to avoid certain hiccups or difficulties in your moving. From early preparation, to learning the language, to having funds at your disposal with the help of Kaoshi Network, we are glad we could help.



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