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How To Use The Kaoshipay™ Widget: A Full Step-By-Step Guide

What is KaoshiPay Widget? The KaoshiPay Widget is a Kaoshi Network product that enables individuals initiate and complete payment on the spot without having to visit various remittance service applications to view rates and fees. This gives them the ability to select the option that best aligns with their needs and preferences.In this article, we will be giving you a detailed and thorough breakdown on how to use the KaoshiPay Widget on Kaoshi Network in three easy steps. Cross-border money transfer has never been easier.


Go to the offers tab and navigate through the offers available. There will be a host of offers present with each remittance service and their rates. At Kaoshi Network, we rank these services based on rates for your convenience in selection. We do this so you don’t need to go from service-to-service checking and comparing. You do all that on the app.

After going through the offers, you make a choice of which one best suits you at the time and click, “Transfer”.


After choosing your desired service and clicking “Transfer”, a pop-up screen on the same page appears informing you on how best your transaction and data in general is kept safe and secure. In the same screen, you will also be notified that if you do not have an account with your selected remittance service, you can comfortably create one through the widget.

You will be asked to input your recipient’s payment details such as name, delivery method, bank, account number, email, and phone number. When you’re done with the pop-up form and click “continue”, Kaoshi Network will negotiate and present the best fee for you. You can then click continue to accept the fee. Another window will then appear for you to verify the details you have entered and continue if you’re satisfied with it.


This is where you see the KaoshiPay Widget pop-up. As soon as you’re done with your recipient’s details, you’re greeted with the widget. The KaoshiPay Widget opens telling you what you stand to benefit from using the service, clicking continue will prompt you to enter your chosen remittance service login details. If you don’t have an account with the selected service, you can create one with the Widget.

Once you enter your login details and continue, a summary of your transaction including the fee will be loaded. You will also see your recipient’s details. This is for you to be very sure and make corrections if there’s any error or omission. Once you’re satisfied with it, click continue and you will be redirected to your remittance service checkout window where you input your card details and complete your transfer.

In just three easy and simple steps, you can initiate transactions and complete them without visiting various services to compare rates. Everything at your fingertips, Everything at your convenience. The KaoshiPay Widget offers you the chance to complete transactions speedily by eliminating the process of visiting various services to pick what best works for you.



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