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Your Financial Midpoint 2024: Key Takeaways And Future Plans

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, the first half of the year is gone. January to June in a flash. Wow. We thought we would sit down and look at how the journey has been so far, the obstacles along the way, the victories so far and the lessons for the second half of the year. We would do a mid-year review of the goals you set at the beginning of the year and look at pitfalls and improve on them. Stick around and you’d learn a thing or two.


At the start of the year, we urged you to set actionable and realistic financial goals. We also talked about breaking them down into small quarterly and monthly goals to make them less daunting and more achievable. Now would be a good time to revisit those financial goals and review them. What plans did you make? Did you plan to save a certain amount? Did you look to spend a certain amount on a particular area? Evaluate the progress you’ve made and earmark the spots that need improvement.

Create a list of the things that have been stumbling blocks to these goals and create plans to solve them. It’s fine if you didn’t have the goals from the start of the year, it’s not a bad time to create one. Remember to celebrate your wins too.


Remember, your budget is like your personal tracker. This is where income and expenses are recorded. We also asked you to create a budget to plan your savings and spending. It would be a good time to look at it again. Have you overspent on a certain area? Have your savings been everything you planned they would? These are key questions, and their answers will act as pointers to if you need to adjust something or leave it as it is. Maybe you ran into some unexpected emergencies during the first half of the year, it’s never a bad idea to adjust your budget to accommodate the excesses.

You could place your initial goal side by side with your current budget and check for outliers. That way, you can make proper, informed decisions.


When it comes to spending, we all have those things we wished we could splurge on. Bags, clothes, food etc. While there should be room for spending, it is key that for proper financial security, that you track your spending. All your plans could crumble due to poor spending habits. It’s time to monitor your spending more closely.

We’re 6 months in and you know the things you’ve excessively spent on. Document them and look for cheaper alternatives or ways to cut them out completely if it’s eating into other areas of your budget.


Remember, Money is like a seed, when planted will yield amazing profits. To achieve financial stability, investing is key. Let’s analyse your investments so far. Are you following up with the investment plans you made at the start of the year? How are the 6-month profits? Do you need to change investment plans and options? These are questions you need to ask yourself at this point. Also consider various things like the stock market and get a finance guru to help you make better investment decisions.

Review the allocation of your investments and consider rebalancing if necessary to manage risk and maximize returns. Seize the opportunity.


At the start of the year, you promised yourself that you would save as much as you can. Well, how is that going? Your savings is like your personal bank. It’s there to save you on rainy days or purchase a desired item. Either way, your savings is your get-out-of-jail card. If you haven’t set up a savings account, it is important you do. If you already have one, are you close to achieving your target, if not, it’s time for a review. Check what is eating into the money for savings and strategize on ways to cut it out.
Saving in foreign currency is also advised and that is why at Kaoshi Network, we offer services that let you easily swap your local currency for foreign currency. This is key to enable saving in USD for example in your domiciliary account. You can also swap your USD or GBP for Naira or any African currency. Save money today so it can save you tomorrow.


There’s no perfection when it comes to things that are unpredictable and finances are chief of them all. Maybe you didn’t envision a particular expense or you overestimated a particular investment return. This is why the mid-year review is very important to learn from your mistakes and make adequate adjustments.
As you journey on to the rest of the year, make commitments to stay financially healthy, stick to your budgets, avoid overspending, make proper investment decisions and prioritize your savings. Stay disciplined and don’t be scared to ask for help where and when you need it. Celebrate small wins also, you deserve a pat on the back.
A mid-year financial review is always necessary to ensure you’re headed on the right track. So, pause and thoroughly go through everything you need to and make necessary adjustments. Remember, if you didn’t have an original plan, it’s not too late to create one. From budgeting to swapping currency with Kaoshi Network, there are numerous things you could do to set your financial goals. That would be all for now, let’s see how you do by the end of the year!



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