What we do

Find Services & Offers via Kaoshi's platform


Aggregation and access to high yield investment offers/instruments from local investment service providers


Direct access to Mortgage lenders for the best mortgage deals in your home country

Cash Advance

Get access to a credit line to take care of your financial obligations in your home country

Send & Request Money

Shop across different remittance providers for your best rates, fees, and deals to send your money back home

Health Insurance

Select and purchase great health insurance packages for your loved ones back home


Purchase gifts, appliances, vehicles, etc. for your loved ones back home through financing

How does it work?

A shopping mall for all your financial needs back home: Remittance, Health Insurance, Cash Advance, Mortgage, Financing, Investment, etc.

Search by category (Remittance, Health Insurance, Cash Advance, Shop Financing, Mortgages, Investments) and compare the services of various vetted and trusted financial service providers in your home country.
Select from various providers based on rates, fees, transaction time, and personal preference.
Application for Service
Apply for the selected financial service offered by the chosen provider.
Deal with your obligations and ensure that you save on fees by getting the best deals for your loved ones back home.

KaoshiTM is 100% secure and safe

  • Bank level security
  • End-to-End Encryption.

Why KaoshiTM?

A shopping mall for all your financial needs back home

Deals, Coupons, and Promos

We search, find, and apply coupons and promos on all your transactions so that you never miss out on a deal

Guaranteed Savings

Our real time comparison ensures you get the best services every single time


Our unrivaled technology helps you to make the right decisions with your money


There are no additional costs or hidden fees

One-stop Shop

Find the best remittance, health insurance, cash advance wallet, mortgage, financing, investment, etc., in your home country

Multiple Options

Compare and choose services from vetted and trusted financial institutions in your home country. We've got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is KaoshiTM and how does it work? +

KaoshiTM is the one-stop shop for your cross border financial services, which allows you to take care of your financial obligations at home.
KaoshiTM allows you to build a financial profile, and this gives you the access to financial services across borders such as the best remittance services, cross border financing, cross border mortgage lenders, cross border investment offers, and cross border lending/cash advance.

Who can use KaoshiTM Network? +

Any user in our established locations, 18 years of age and above.

What is Cash Advance Service? +

On KaoshiTM, you have access to a credit line offered by a financial institution in your home country. You are given a wallet, which is prefunded, to allow you take care of your financial obligations in your home country, and you can repay after a billing cycle. This allows you to handle your urgent needs better and circumvent unnecessary fees piling up. We look out for you in every way!

What is mortgage service about? +

Getting property back home has been made easy! You can simply shop across mortgage lenders on KaoshiTM and also apply here to have access to the best mortgage deal providers in your home country. This is a one-stop shop!

What is the Health Insurance feature? +

Here, you can now take care of the health of your loved ones in your home country by purchasing health insurance packages that attend to their needs. You can also shop across different health insurance coverages through the local health insurance providers in your home country - made accessible to you by Kaoshi

What do I need to open a KaoshiTM account? +

Opening an account is simple and can be done in minutes. All you need is an email address to open an account.