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Summertime Fun: Things You Can Do To Enjoy Your Holiday.

Summer holiday is just around the corner and there’s so much excitement in the air. Everyone can’t wait to take time off with their families, finish school for the session and enter a place of relaxation. The sun is out and so should our smiles. It is time to make the most of it and enjoy the time. Here is a round-up of activities you can do this summer to enjoy your holidays and make the most of the time you have.


What’s summer without the sun? Outdoor activities were made for summertime. You can spend all that time with friends, families and loved ones. There are numerous activities you can indulge in over the course of the break that involve you soaking up the amazing scenery outside with the lush rays of sun. You could go hiking with friends in the mountains or little hills, you could spend time at the beach. Don’t forget to take your sunscreen along too, you could have a fun garage sale if you have things you would like to give away or just simply get a mat on the front porch and sit with a book or have conversations with friends.

Just do something outside, breathe the freshness of nature. If daytime isn’t really your thing, you could consider night camping with the stars. Always remember to take marshmallows for the fires.


What is that sport you’ve always wanted to play? Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis? Summer is the perfect time to engage in sports. It’s fun and helps you stretch after months of being in school or work. You could find available spots for your local sports team or gather friends in a field round the block. Organize little volleyball tournaments with your friends and embrace your spirit of competitiveness.

Sports are fun and they tend to bring out the best in us. It helps us connect with people.


Imagine those sights you’ve always wanted to see. That place you’ve always wanted to visit but you were too busy with a load of work. Well, it’s summer, there’s plenty of time to go where you’ve always wanted, to see the sights you’ve always wished to see (link the article on sights of the world). There are so many amazing places to travel to and have fun both locally and internationally and in case you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to pay for a good vacation in another country, Kaoshi Network has you covered.

At Kaoshi Network, you can send money from Africa to over 40 countries worldwide and vice versa. Sending money internationally has never been easier, with Kaoshi Network, you’re rest assured that your funds get to its destination. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the summer.


Festivals, carnivals and events such as concerts are really the highlight of summer. From the very colourful dancers to the excitement packed in halls to listen to your favourite artistes perform. The Afronation ongoing in Portugal is one that also promises to be a good watch. The joy never ends. There are a ton of fun festivals and events you can attend this summer and even do something memorable that you would always remember. There’s a lot of colours in African festivals, the food, the music, the people and the culture are always a thing of beauty.

Embrace what they have to offer, you could plan a trip or vacation down to Africa and what better place to swap your currency than at Kaoshi Network. You have it at your disposal when you decide to make that trip.


No better time to take on a new hobby or hone the one you already have than summertime. It could be playing the piano, singing, joining a book club, or teaching. There are a plethora of things you could do. It’s time to harness your creative side. You could also take on some DIY projects that you find fascinating online. There are loads of them to try and build and complete on the internet. You could start and finish puzzles too. Get something you enjoy doing and who knows, you could make some extra money off it too.


Giving back to your community is not just a judicious use of your summertime but also an act of love and humanity. It’s about making a difference in the lives of people, it could be volunteering in an event that makes people happy or engaging in neighbourhood clean-ups. You could also be a part of charity events that look at giving to the less privileged. In all, it’s an act of kindness and a good way to put a smile not just on your face but also on the face of others as you enjoy your holiday.

With so much free time, it’s easy to misuse it and let it roll by without making good use of it. It’s easy to get lost without doing anything. That is why we created this list of things that you could get busy doing. From playing outside to taking that next trip, to enjoying that concert and giving back to the people, it’s nothing short of fun.

Enjoy the Holidays!



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