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Kaoshipay™ Widget: The First Of Its Kind At Cross Border Money Transfer Ease


What if we told you that it’s possible to access your favourite remittance services by the click of a button? What if we told you that by using a certain product, you would not only ease payments but simultaneously get to save time and energy while doing so? What if we just showed you instead? Introducing KaoshiPay Widget.

The need for efficient and accessible cross-border money transfer solutions has never been more pronounced. Recognizing this demand, we at Kaoshi Network use the KaoshiPay Widget for transactions. The Widget is a Kaoshi product that enables individuals initiate and complete payment on the spot while accessing a wealth of remittance services that helps them complete transactions seamlessly. This gives them the ability to select the option that best aligns with their needs and preferences. Formerly at Kaoshi Network, you would be redirected to whatever remittance service you choose to complete your transaction. Now, it’s all in one place, on the go! It would also interest you to know that The KaoshiPay Widget is the first and only of its kind on the market — A Paradigm Shift in Cross Border money transfer.


Typically for people interested in cross border money services, remittance services are there to help process the money from start to destination. They are also involved in the conversion from one currency to another. See article on remittance services. Services such as Sendwave, World Remit, MoneyGram and Remitly are there to ensure the transactions you initiate are safe and secure and your money gets to its intended recipient. You open accounts with multiple services, and whenever you want to perform a transaction, you toggle between them looking for the service with the best rates and delivery time.

With the KaoshiPay Widget, we bridge that gap to shorten your journey. Instead of moving from one remittance app to another or getting redirected as was previously the case on Kaoshi Network , you initiate and complete transactions, no matter the service selected, right there on the screen. Talk about convenience at its finest.

However, it is important to note that you would still need accounts with the various services in order to get your transfer processed by the services; and this too, can be done through the widget. So, whatever country you’re sending money to, the KaoshiPay Widget is there to help you ease payments from account registration to transaction completion.


It is important to not just tell you about our product, but also highlight the benefits it affords our users . With that in mind, here are two major benefits of using the KaoshiPay Widget and why it is the best choice for your transactions.

  1. The KaoshiPay Widget speeds up the transfer process. Imagine going from remittance service to remittance service while performing transactions to continue, then return to finish up the transaction. This could be time-wasting and inefficient. With our widget, you start the process there and connect to your account with your chosen remittance service and provide your details to finish up. Talk about proper efficiency. This can be particularly helpful especially when you’re on a clock to do your transfers.
  2. The KaoshiPay Widget gives room for little to zero errors. Instead of moving from one remittance service to another and copying your recipients details to paste on the various services, the widget has your recipients details already and all you need to do is select whatever service best suits you. This helps the user to avoid making mistakes that could occur during copying and pasting or typing out the recipient’s details.

The KaoshiPay Widget stands as a testament to Kaoshi’s unwavering commitment to excellence and driving positive change in cross-border money transfers. As Kaoshi Network continues to chart new frontiers in the fintech landscape, the Widget remains to redefine the cross-border remittance shape, bettering the financial landscape one transaction at a time.



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