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Making Fathers’ Day Memorable: Simple Gestures That Leave A Lasting Impact


Fathers’ Day is not just another date on the calendar, it’s not just another event to cross off your checklist, it’s a day we get to honour the fathers or people who serve in that capacity in our lives. It’s a day to show them all the love in the world for who they are and what they mean to us. So, whether you’re a son, daughter, spouse or friend, we’ve prepared a list of things you can do today to make this year’s fathers day a memorable one filled with so much joy, laughter and happiness.


Fathers Day is about fathers, so taking out time to be with them doing what they love the most will make their day. One of the greatest gifts you can give any father is the gift of time. It could be breakfast together, a road trip, humorous conversations, karaoke or anything they enjoy in general. The thought of spending quality time to make their day will put a smile on their faces and let them know you care a lot about them. It also lets you bond with them.


Everyone loves a surprise gesture. You could bake him a cake, cook his favourite meal, invite his favourite artiste to sing, get a fathers’ day hamper filled with all his best goodies and let him enjoy the package. Do something that you wouldn’t do every other day to show him how much he means and how special the day is. This gesture is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.


Do something that both of you can look back on and remember how special the day was. Memories are always good to remember occasions that were filled with joy. You could take him for a sip and paint session and let him paint his own mural or arrange a virtual meeting for all the family members he hasn’t seen in a long time. You could also do a social media shoutout video together. He would surely not forget this in a hurry. Another amazing idea is a Memory Jar — where every family member and people who love and wish him well can write special, customized messages for him in a jar. He will cherish this forever.


Gift giving is one of the very key love language gestures. From neck ties to coffee mugs to a good leather wallet. A gift that suits him and his needs is a sure way to make his day and put a smile on his face. You could also send him cash gifts to enjoy his day. Even though he is abroad for those in Africa, you can always use Kaoshi Network to send him money internationally. Same goes the other way round if he’s in Africa and you’re abroad. At Kaoshi Network, we offer the service to set your rates. What are you waiting for? Sign Up and make his day with some money.


Fathers are filled with so much wisdom and fathers’ day is a good day to sit down and reflect with them on what fatherhood means. Draw some insight and share how it had an impact on your life. Meaningful conversations will come up and you get a deeper understanding of him. Also, beyond the tangibles, take time to acknowledge his role in your life. Share and reflect on life experiences and have conversations on what he means to you. The thoughts shared here would serve you a lot.

Let’s remember that the true value and essence of fathers’ day lies in the love we show our fathers. The gestures, gifts, time spent are just a reflection of what matters most — the love, the thought that goes into it. Let today be a reminder that the love and gratitude you have for your father should span beyond today. They should be appreciated all year long. Let’s make long lasting memories today with the fathers in our lives. Happy Fathers’ Day from all of us at Kaoshi Network.



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