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How To Send Money From Nigeria To The United States On Kaoshi Network

“Emeka called me last week from the US and was complaining that his money was exhausted. I need to send him dollars as soon as possible but I don’t trust a lot of these apps. You don’t know which one will scam you.” Chika complained to her friend Pamela as she paced about. “How do you send money to your friends?” she added further with inquisition. “Wait…how have I not told you about Kaoshi Network? I use them whenever I need to send money abroad, both little and in bulk. They are active and you can send money to as many as 40 countries worldwide.” Pamela replied. “I can walk you through the process and explain the steps along the way. Get your phone, let’s get started.” she added.

So, let us all join Pamela as she explains how to send money from Nigeria to the US on Kaoshi Network to Chika.


“So, the very first step is to visit their website kaoshinetwork.com and sign up. They’ve even made sign up simple and easy with one of the best User interfaces and experiences. All you need to do is fill out your personal information, bank account information and other relevant ones that you’ll be asked for” said as she pointed out every part to Chika. “On their website, they even have a section where they explain who they are and how they operate just to make sure you feel at ease during the process,” Pamela added. Chika quickly signed up and created her own Kaoshi Network account. “Now you have an account, let me show you the next steps,” Pamela added.


“Okay, it’s time to set up your delivery and payment method. Your delivery method is your bank that you’ll use primarily for transactions, and your payment method is your method of payment whether it’s via bank transfer or debit card.” Pamela said eagerly. “So, where do I go to set these things up?” Chika asked. “Since you’re on your mobile phone, check for the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen, click it and you’ll see a drop down that lets you easily add your payment and delivery method. Do it!” emphasized Pamela. “I’ve added my bank for the delivery method and my card for the payment method,” replied Chika, getting excited.


“Now, you’re done with that, let’s send Emeka that money” said Pamela gesturing to her friend. “Click on the tab that says, Send Money Internationally. You’ll see a form where you will fill in Emeka’s details like the country he is in, which is The United States, and the amount you want to send to him. The next section is for you, you’ll set your rate” continued Pamela. “Wait…set my rate?” interrupted Chika looking puzzled. “Yes. I forgot to mention it earlier, Kaoshi Network lets you set your own rate. They give you a range they feel would give your offer some competitiveness so it’s easily picked up” replied Pamela. “Wow! How am I just knowing about these guys?” said Chika with excitement. “So, when you’re done with your rate, you set it to Bank Transfer. I would suggest Bank transfer because it’s faster. When you confirm all the details you have entered, click Post ‘’ said Pamela showing Chika the various steps. Chika quickly followed the guide and was done in no time. Her post was published. “You are now a poster and Emeka is your beneficiary (link article on this)” Pamela added.


“So, what is the next step? How does Emeka get the money? asked Chika intriguingly. “Okay, so let’s say someone in the US, let’s call him Tolu, wants to send money down to someone in Nigeria, he also logs onto Kaoshi Network and sees your offer and accepts. Once he accepts it, he gets Emeka’s information and the transaction details, he then wires him the dollar equivalent. At the same time, you get the details of the person in Nigeria Tolu wants to send money to. Kaoshi’s tech automatically processes the naira from you to his recipient in Nigeria. Both transactions are successful and everybody gets their money.” explained Pamela.“Wow! I love this. There’s no hassle, it’s easy, simple, and fast. I’m definitely telling my mum about this because she has been looking for a service like this herself.” Chika said. “No problem. What are friends for?” said Pamela jokingly.I hope you all listened attentively to Pamela as she told her friend how to send money from Nigeria to the United States. It’s never been easier now with cross border money transfer. So, what are you waiting for, sign up and send those funds today.



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