Connecting banks and financial institutions to the Diaspora

Offer bespoke financial services such as remittance, investment, bill payment, merchandise financing, cash advance, and mortgages to the diaspora

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Remittance & Cross border money transfer

Offer the diaspora and your customer cheap and convenient cross border money transfer.

  • Competitive commissions and fees
  • Easy to use
  • Bank level security

Core Products of Kaoshi


Offer mortgage to the diaspora to easily acquire and invest in real estate properties in their home country.

Merchandise Financing

Offer financing options to the diaspora for the purchase of merchandise (cars, refrigerators, generators, inverters, phones, etc) for their loved ones back home.

Loans/Credit Cards

Offer cash advance and credit cards to the diaspora to attend to their financial needs in their home country. Offer rewards and cash back for credit card use in home country

Bill Payment

Offer diaspora bill payment services for utility bills like internet, satellite TV subscription, Electricity bills, airtime, etc.


Offer diaspora opportunity to invest in high yield investment instruments in their home countries economy - treasury bills and fixed income deposits. Easily remit return on investment back to diaspora in their foreign currency.


Offer insurance to the diaspora for their properties in their home country. Offer health insurance packages to diaspora for their loved ones back home.

Core Products from Kaoshi